tapvCard-Best Free Digital Business Card Maker in India 2024

tapvCard – A free digital business card is also known virtual business card or electronic visiting card in which all your business information has stored in digital form. There is no need to physically hand over this visiting card to anyone. This card has a unique link, which you can send to others through Whatsapp, social media, E-mail, etc. You can say it interactive mini-website also.

free digital business card

Why do we need a digital business card?

The uses of this digital visiting card have increased a lot after a global pandemic like Corona. Because we can share this visiting contactless, this type of card does not need to be made or printed again and again because it is in digital format and you can share it unlimited times. It gets rid of the hassle of printing the card again and again.

Make a Great First Impression

Switch to tapvCard a free digital business card that is smart, elegant & affordable.

Freedom from Boring Printed Business Cards

Make your digital visiting card in a few minutes – it’s easy, elegant, and affordable. tapvCard is always in your pocket, never tears, and never runs out. Your digital business card can be easily updated with our user-friendly dashboard, so you won’t need to re-print a business card again.

How digital business card works

1. Create your Card (Design your digital visiting card in a few minutes).

2. Save to your Device (A digital business card is accessible anytime from anywhere).

3. Share with clients & anyone and anywhere through a variety of channels.

Digital Business Card’s Features

Click to Call

Click to WhatsApp

Click to Email

Click to Navigate

Add to Contacts

Website & Social Links

Share Unlimited

Easy to Update

Photo Gallery

Youtube Video Gallery

Payment Section

WhatsApp Enquiry

Business Hours

Add Services/Products

QR Code

Connect with an NFC business card

Much more interactive features.

Advantages of digital business cards

Paperless/Contactless Card:

Aside from the fact that digital business card replaces large volumes of printed paper business cards, their advantages are unmatched compared to physical and paper business cards.

Fully Customized:

Each business card is branded individually according to the user’s wishes and comes as a fully customized solution for individual communication needs.


Contact information is automatically saved to the receiver’s phone, so there is no subsequent rewriting of the data, which is often the case with paperwork.

Online Control:

Changing contact data when needed for their change is done from a remote (cloud) location, in real-time.

No App Needed:

The communication process itself is simple and does not require downloading a mobile application for its use, only the potential of a mobile device. The product is available for all mobile devices on the market.

Green Technology:

Completely replaces paper-based business cards and indirectly affects forest conservation and environmental protection.

Create A Digital Business Card

One Card To Reach Millions!!